Setbacks but plugging ahead

Hang in There!

Ah, the hang-in-there kitten.  I can empathize, my friend.


I had planned to work on a #DMCI project with a student who would record video of student lessons in various settings and we’d edit together a video, but the snow and sports and other obligations have meant too little extra time for the project for her.  I am powering ahead but trying to work out how I can be in multiple places at one time to record these lessons.  I need to make my pitch video* and I need to figure out a plan…part of me wants to just carry the camera with me at all times when I’m on campus, and just record snippets of students planning here and there to edit together later.  That would work for my quick intro video plan, but not for the other options such as library of lessons using models that could be really useful to our future students. I also want to capture lessons and planning from students in classes other than my own.  They often record themselves teaching, but on a wide variety of cameras of different levels of quality.  Maybe the various levels of quality could add to the charm, though, and showcase the messiness of it all.  I can see things like the Steadicam Smoothee (described here by Andy Rush) helping with the quality…maybe it’s about a progression of quality in the video clips over time as we figure out how to capture quality video in such far-reaching settings as student teaching practica.


We can do this, kitten.  I know it.



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  1. A classic ’70’s poster living on forever on the Internet. Thank you for blogging you setbacks. It makes the point in the future when you overcome them so much sweeter!

    I’m thinking about video snippets more and more – things like Vine videos or “1 second a day” – see Hayley Todd’s site linked off of the DMCI site. I’m participating in it too. Don’t worry about the quality so much – and then think about voicing over whatever you need to later to tell the story. Keep plugging!

    March 28th, 2014

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