Students’ Views of the Virtual Environment

See below for an online Task for 351 Students and any other interested parties:

SlideShare is a great resource for teachers who use Power Point, and it shows lots of best practices of presenting–this one here has a small amount of text (and no audio), but the message is clear and focused.

Step 1: Review this presentation and respond to the questions below on the Canvas discussion board (or here if you are a guest!)


1. What do you think about this view of education in general and of virtual education?
2. How have you seen the five big mistakes in action?
3. (You may need to make a login to browse) What presentations do you see that might be useful for your content area?
4. Respond on Canvas to the discussion board posting named “SlideShare response”
Step 2: Read the following draft proposal to turn our class (351) into a more blended learning environment: OLI
1.Consider what you believe/know about online learning, your knowledge of our class content, and your thoughts about the tasks in the sample syllabus (it’s in the appendix of the OLI file above).
2. Respond on Canvas to the discussion board posting named “OLI/351″
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