Gone but not forgotten

I had to do this week in two parts–maybe this makes up for the week off for Spring Break.


This will be our last week of the Domain of One’s Own project, but I am hoping to keep some of the key lessons I’ve learned going for the rest of my career.  I have my students write the “big ideas” or understand objectives of their lessons, so I will attempt to do the same.

What were the big ideas I got from DoOO?  They are below, with the part that I think is more central to my research in brackets:


1. Technology is a means by which we might share more about our selves and our work; [this can be genuine or authentic and used for good or evil; in this tech landscape, organizations can even take on the same qualities that people can].

2. Openness is a personal quality than can be made public online; others’ interest/trust in and/or fascination with these areas varies widely.

3. Making interdisciplinary connections is one of the best features of sharing/reading/learning in the online world [and is a vital consideration for looking at the interconnectedness of persona, identity, and teaching].

4. There are a vast array of tools to construct an online presence and identity, and DTLT folks know all about them and can help when you’re lost!


During DoOO, I met, however briefly, about a dozen other faculty members in various disciplines.  We talked about openness and tech stuff and other such things; it was fascinating to learn how other people view and consider these issues.  That was one of my favorite aspects of the journey, and one that I hope will continue in some way.  I am a closet introvert (if that makes any sense) so if you see me in the faculty dining hall, come say hi!

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  1. I love this summary of what you took from it, and I too hope it doesn’t end here. I think we can keep the possibilities for sharing and communicating open with some of the platforms we experimented with—at least that’s my plan ;)

    March 13th, 2013

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